Scientific Sorcery - Book One

Scientific Sorcery - Book One

5 chapters / 16639 words

Approximately about 1 hour to read


An epic story—a fusion of science fiction and fantasy. If you are a fan of magic, time travel, alternate history, Egyptians, mystical creatures, or just a rollicking adventure, this book is for you!



3 months ago patriciadbab said:

Thank you so much admin, while giving us the opportunity to take their link on this forum

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5 months ago Xavier Morris said:

I'm honestly impressed because this is my second day on this site and this story so far has peaked my interest. Good development and writing.

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6 months ago The Crazymad Writer said:

WOW WOW WOW, great work, so it is.


8 months ago John Juliano said:

After reading two chapters, i fibd the contrast delightful. This seems likely to be a wonderful read. Char and kerr both seem like cool characters, i get the feeling there's a reason for their similar names



5 days ago Alecia said:

Really good story


5 months ago Angora said:

Awesome attention to detail!