Blue Eyed Prince

Blue Eyed Prince

1 chapter / 458 words

Approximately 2 minutes to read


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The king snow leopard's son has just been born, and it's time to choose the eye-color of the little prince.



11 months ago Daisy Blu said:

It was a sweet story! I love the untold future friendship between Lea and the baby bluebird. Well written, too!


over 1 year ago Eleonore Fudge said:

I have to admire your use of imagery in the story. I actually felt I was there, watching the entire scene. Beautiful job.


over 1 year ago Mergirl said:

Really cute story! Nice Job!

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about 2 years ago Jennifer M said:



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over 1 year ago Kelvia-Lee Johnson said:

A very well written story.


over 2 years ago Amie fortman said:

This was a lovely little story. I especially love the way you wrote the leopard parents--they do remind me a lot of Mufasa and Sarabi from "The Lion King". And the story itself is a lot like one of Kipling's "Just So Stories". That said, I think you could go into a lot more detail about the ritual of choosing the prince's eye color. I feel like there's a really rich story you could tell here, and I'd love to read it. Wonderful job, otherwise--I'm looking forward to reading more if you ever decide to expand this. :)