The Loneliest Goddess in the Galaxy

The Loneliest Goddess in the Galaxy

1 chapter / 492 words

Approximately 2 minutes to read


Winner of the "Skink -- No Surrender Contest."

An unlikely friendship between a goddess and a human boy. Word limit: 500 words

May be expanded on in the future.

Cover made by me.





7 months ago L.Greene said:

Please more


about 3 years ago Anastasia Lockheart said:

Please continue!



almost 2 years ago Nicole. H said:

So the only error I could find was to change "the guise" to "the disguise.

The detail and imagery was all there and I enjoyed the piece.


about 3 years ago Amie fortman said:

This was such a lovely piece. I loved the imagery in your first few paragraphs; you really get a sense of the grandeur and lonely beauty of the universe. And Andromeda's awkwardness in human form was actually pretty cute--poor thing just wants a companion. :) My only criticism is that you could expand this a bit more. There were a lot of throw-away details, like Andromeda's brother forsaking the rest of the universe for Earth, that could have been really fascinating. I guess I'm just selfish--I'd really love to see a full-length novel based on this. Great idea, and great job!