1 chapter / 500 words

Approximately 3 minutes to read


The beginning moments of a friendship no one expected. One of ten winning Shink- No Surrender Contest entires.



15 days ago Khazzanah Tour Travel said:

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11 months ago Madison said:

I really enjoyed reading your short story! I think your piece was organized well and your word choice was great. It was also a perfect length for the topic.


over 1 year ago Natalie said:

Good morning Paige! Haven't read yet but it looks good! Going to heart it! Hey man, I'm trying to get people to follow me and read my books! Mind following me? Your writing is great and I try to read all my followers books and even follow them back! Its ok if you don't want to follow me but ur book looks epic. Thx!

Me 1963

over 2 years ago Linda D said:

Sit with her and take the attention with him. Great line and well described.

Congrats on the Skink win.


Blue eye

3 months ago Hannah said:

This was awesome! I especially liked the part about Maine (that's where I live)! I really liked this short story because at the end we are left wanting more. You don't necessarily leave us hanging not knowing what's going to happen, yet you do. It was nice and this story just made me happy on its own.


4 months ago Joy said:

The way you wrote this was great, I was sucked in. At first I'll admit I looked at your story due to your name, as you have my first and last initials and middle name. I loved how you made Micah stand up to Shirley. I can see her now... That dumb b(Word) look of disappoint and disgust. It's like you slapped her in the face. It was great, what a great way to start a friendship. Oh! I am from Maine, I love to see stories placed where I am from. I am from New Hampshire and Maine and I feel like no one writes story with setting from there. So in a way I was pulled to your story because I had a personal connection and that is great to do and sometimes hard. So please keep writing and I'd love to see more of this story. Good Writing, Joy