Die For Me

Die For Me

5 chapters / 4204 words

Approximately 21 minutes to read


[9/23/13 Update: Currently rewriting and revamping! Stay tuned!]
[formerly "How I Survived the Vampire Apocalypse"]
"I think I finally understand what Alder meant when he said I couldn't even fathom the things he did on a regular basis. Because now, as I lay here, dying, I finally understand. I understand what drove him to do what he did."
Prince Alder Castelle, next in line to the vampire throne, finally goes public with his secret vampire civilization and decides to wage war on the humans. His brother, Prince Layre disagrees with this decision and leads the resistance to defend the humans. Then there's Charlotte, who is thrust into the world of the supernatural when she escapes the carnage of Times Square. Uncovering secrets, lies, and government coverups, Charlotte finds herself losing more and more faith in humanity and taking the side of the supposedly heartless Prince Alder. With her feelings for Prince Alder and his brother, Prince Layre growing, Charlotte must pick a side. But which will she choose?


Fantasy, Romance, Horror


The vampire diaries

almost 4 years ago Shammi said:

I love the story plot and every chapter you have written!! (: If possible can you read my story, the silence within? Thank you (:


over 5 years ago A Girl That Writes said:

wow this story is really powerful. your writing is really strong and i love your writing style. great job on this and i hope you conitnue soon :D


over 5 years ago jenica prospero said:

wow this is amazing i love your story ... nice work well done ... and God bless...


over 5 years ago Marebelle said:

Hey, guys, I edited part 1 as there was some parts i forgot to add! thanks! (:



over 5 years ago Nishva Patel said:

I loved the detail you put into your work. It made the story feel so much more real. I really want to know what happens next so keep up the good work and keep writing this story.