Vengeance of a God

Vengeance of a God

1 chapter / 1000 words

Approximately 5 minutes to read


*Finalist (THANK YOU, for those of you who voted/hearted/and or gave me great advice!)* Imagine a world where sickness could vanish- a world where it was possible to be cured from a presumably incurable disease. Raphael could make that happen- he has a gift, a gift in which he can heal. Sound like the perfect utopia for humanity? Sound like a blessing? A savior come down from the heavens? Maybe. But there is a catch, for Raphael is not truly a savior, but a psychotic tyrant who wants nothing but the whole world.

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5 months ago Rey Granger said:

I absolutely, positively LOVED IT! Your creativity resonates throughout this masterpiece, and you truly illustrated the madness of many world leaders throughout history. This is very much a Nazilike satire, and it was well written. The reveal of the 'temporary' healing at the end made me shiver all over my body. Terrific job, and terrific writing!


about 1 year ago Ida B. said:

This was absolutely amazing! I loved the end when he called them fools and let it be known that it was only temporary. At the same time, how temporary? Because if it really is temporary, then how could anyone follow him for longer than their diseased remained at bay? Still, it was interesting to see how mad he really was, and how far he was willing to go and allow his heart to be so hardened for power, to be called a god. Very well written, I enjoyed the read.