Dear Mother

Dear Mother

5 chapters / 777 words

Approximately 4 minutes to read


This is about a Jewish girl who has to assimmilate in order to be excepted into the American Society. It's written in chapters, so it looks long, but when I wrote it in Microsoft Word, it wasn't that long actually. I wrote it as a school project, and got a 36/40. I hope you like it!



about 6 years ago E.A. Lee said:

You said you weren't very good at writing? Pshh, yeah right. :)


over 6 years ago not in use said:

This is sad, but extremley emotional and well written.


over 6 years ago Mirabel said:

This is cool. I like the format and the message.

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over 6 years ago Esther W said:

Wow, completely heart breaking and hard hitting but so well written that I couldn't help but be amazed! So much emotion in so few words and the imagery was very intense. That last chapter was so sad. It's no wonder you almost got full marks, this is amazing!



over 5 years ago Sabrina Nelson said:

The flow of this is very interesting. It might put others off, but I loved it! This was a deeply moving piece. Even though you only know a speck about the characters, you feel for Regina. You get inside her head in a very personal and beautiful way. This would be excellent with more detail, written as a short story or even a novel. But for what it is, it is exquisite. Well written!


almost 6 years ago Addie said:

I want you to continue writing and try to make it a little clearer!