Nowhere But Up

Nowhere But Up

1 chapter / 966 words

Approximately 5 minutes to read


PLEASE VOTE FOR THIS PIECE IN THE FINAL CONTEST POLL IF YOU THINK IT'S THE BEST OF THE 5 :) - Brandon Sanderson contest entry, so please heart if you think it deceives it. 1000 word limit. Careful what you wish for might sound like a warning phrase, but this genie couldn't care less. There's only one thing she wants.

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about 1 month ago Rebekka S. Leber said:

This would be an incredible first chapter if you decided to develop this idea. It would be neat to write a story where Desia is a protagonist villain.



about 2 years ago Bayleigh Dyer said:

I'm not going to lie, it took me awhile to get back to you about swaps, sorry :) but honestly this is fantastic! a real treat, I've always seen the legends behind genies as too fluffed up. because if you read the real stuff (the real legends) they're quite tricky and mischievous. if you're still interested in a swap, I would love you to read my book "COLLECTOR" but if sirens aren't your cup of tea then you are free to read anything else. "TRUTH" is an honest story, but not for the average romantic to read. once again! this was fantastic, I'll have to check out some of your other stuff soon. have a great day/night/you know -BAY


about 2 years ago Supreme Sloth said:

This was a wonderful story! It was simple and to the point, and it really gives you something to think about. Short pieces like these are a REAl source of inspiration. I have never read anything quite like this before. It shows how you should think before you act.