Nowhere But Up

Nowhere But Up

1 chapter / 966 words

Approximately 5 minutes to read


PLEASE VOTE FOR THIS PIECE IN THE FINAL CONTEST POLL IF YOU THINK IT'S THE BEST OF THE 5 :) - Brandon Sanderson contest entry, so please heart if you think it deceives it. 1000 word limit. Careful what you wish for might sound like a warning phrase, but this genie couldn't care less. There's only one thing she wants.

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about 3 years ago Rebekah Fowler said:

HOLY HECK WAS THAT COOL. *hyperventilates*

I I can't say this is the most original take on the subject of genies (refer to the Bartimaeus Trilogy--those books are fantastic), but you definitely gave this some artistic flair. Your character's attitude was hilarious, and the twist was pretty awesome. Seriously. At first I was hearing Robin Williams in my head, and then it suddenly shifted to the evil queen from OUAT's voice. Creepy. And amazing.

My only real nitpick would be your semicolons. You used them just a bit too much, and never in quite the right way. Honestly, most instances of it would benefit from the sentence being broken up into two.

This piece packs a punch. I seriously enjoyed it, and I'm not the type to go around extolling contest entries. XD Wonderful work!


about 3 years ago Ashley Kowitz said:

Your descriptions are probably my favourite. I like the way you show the reader about people instead of tell them. It's smooth. haha.

It was a very well written piece. Definitely interesting. My old criticism is how easily the genie set themselves free. Was this the first time they tried? Had others ignored the genie? Was there something different about Mr. Aaron?

Regardless, I really liked it. I found it unique and the style of the story was great.

Thanks for sharing. Keep writing. :)


about 3 years ago Manoj said:

Hmm...interesting story. Original. Intriguing. Okay. At the first, the plot is so well done that I was unsure of who the main villain was. The flow, the plot, the tone, the actions, the imagery, all perfect. All the best for the competition.


about 3 years ago A.J. Trandicosta said:

The flow, mood and tone are perfect here. You answer the prompt in a way that nobody else has. While you don't directly tell us how the character uses her powers to seize control of the world, it's pretty obvious anyway. That's tricky to pull off, but you do it very well. There are a few small grammatical errors, but the overall piece is so well-written that it becomes easy to miss them. Amazing work.



3 months ago nairy said:

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over 2 years ago Bayleigh Dyer said:

I'm not going to lie, it took me awhile to get back to you about swaps, sorry :) but honestly this is fantastic! a real treat, I've always seen the legends behind genies as too fluffed up. because if you read the real stuff (the real legends) they're quite tricky and mischievous. if you're still interested in a swap, I would love you to read my book "COLLECTOR" but if sirens aren't your cup of tea then you are free to read anything else. "TRUTH" is an honest story, but not for the average romantic to read. once again! this was fantastic, I'll have to check out some of your other stuff soon. have a great day/night/you know -BAY