Nowhere But Up

Nowhere But Up

1 chapter / 966 words

Approximately 5 minutes to read


PLEASE VOTE FOR THIS PIECE IN THE FINAL CONTEST POLL IF YOU THINK IT'S THE BEST OF THE 5 :) - Brandon Sanderson contest entry, so please heart if you think it deceives it. 1000 word limit. Careful what you wish for might sound like a warning phrase, but this genie couldn't care less. There's only one thing she wants.

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about 3 years ago Bobby Karmi said:

Sorry for the delay. Real world stuff and such. If you want to do the swap still, you can pick any of my pieces you want. Surprise me.

I like the set-up: a genie is freed and a man she just granted wishes to is dead. Will she assume his life, now that his stock is good? Will she go out and punish all those who have wronged her? There's a lot of cool stuff here. I can't fully review it since this is only chapter 1, so feel free to post some more stuff and I will gladly continue reading and giving you feed back.


about 3 years ago Tina Chan said:

Wow! This was a very intense, to the point story. I loved how much of character info was implied or said in a subtle way. It was quite interesting to have the story told from a genie's point of view rather than the human's, as it is usually vice versa.