Nowhere But Up

Nowhere But Up

1 chapter / 966 words

Approximately 5 minutes to read


PLEASE VOTE FOR THIS PIECE IN THE FINAL CONTEST POLL IF YOU THINK IT'S THE BEST OF THE 5 :) - Brandon Sanderson contest entry, so please heart if you think it deceives it. 1000 word limit. Careful what you wish for might sound like a warning phrase, but this genie couldn't care less. There's only one thing she wants.

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about 3 years ago Jae Kim said:

Excuse me, I think you dropped something- oh wait, no, it was me. My freaking jaw.

Wow. As everyone else said, this is a unique take on the prompt- a very good kind of unique. Your writer's voice, the narrator's tone, is fascinating. I couldn't stop reading (or even want to stop reading) once I started. Each word is magical (haha see what I did there- genies, magic, ha. ha.) and really, it's a kind of spell that can't be stopped once begun.

I like the super villain; I love her attitude and her shrewd nature. She's cold and manipulative, but her actions are understandable, even relatable. However, they're what make her a villain- her choices make her "the bad guy". Awesome use of a character-driven plot! (:

Anyway, as you might have noticed, I've found nothing critic-like to say. No grammar issues, no "what are you doing" thoughts, and all in all, amazing read.

Great job, and good luck! c:


about 3 years ago katana said:

I think this may be one of the most creative contest entry I've read.

A supervillain genie? YAHHSSS.

I couldn't find any grammar/spelling/punctuation mistakes, etc etc.

I love the sassy-ness of your main character, and her bluntness makes the story all the more interesting. Kudos to you :) I can see that you are a talented writer.

Good job, and good luck in the contest!