Valor's Victim

Valor's Victim

1 chapter / 981 words

Approximately 5 minutes to read


What happens when those blessed with extraordinary abilities are underestimated? What happens when those with the means to protect decide instead to raze? What happens when a villain takes what they will with no one to stand in their way?

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over 1 year ago B Walter said:

Make this into a novel/novella!


almost 2 years ago Avery Cloud-Estep said:

At some point last year you asked me to read this and I am sorry I am just getting around to this now...This story is amazing! If you threw in some more details, a few more characters, and some sub plots, this would easily be a novel I would read. If you want to complete the swap and/or do future ones read any story of mine. Thanks for the great read :)



almost 3 years ago James M.L Hier said:

I must say your descriptive writing is really good. It makes the story what the story is. I suggest you keep on writing in this style and make it your expertise to do a master's job of descriptive writing.

I liked this a lot and I hope there will be more.


about 3 years ago UltimateWritingProdigy said:

I was told to read this and I didn't so be sad.