Just One Glance

Just One Glance

7 chapters / 12050 words

Approximately about 1 hour to read


Cover by:Julz da Jewel
This is the expanded version. It is different from the original piece, but I hope that you guys will like it all the same!


Paranormal, Action, Novel
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over 1 year ago Robert Francis said:

A couple of spelling errors, but I like chapter 7. I found it to be very relating.


almost 2 years ago Tayvril Camille Quinn said:

Hi! So here's my review: I'm stuck in my chair because your story is amazing. I was more on sci-fi fantasy stuff but this made me cross the line! (worth it). I think I should consider reading your other works, and review them. I saw in the description that this is the expanded version, do that version happens to be in figment? If it is, please give me a link! I want to read it too. :)

One Question (that bothers me or I missed it somewhere in the chapters as I read.) How old is Elizabeth when she woke up and in the present? the high school and early ages was a hint but I was pretty curious on it.

I love the way you wrote Elizabeth's struggle after she woke up. It actually made me feel bad for her (should I?). If I were homeschooled, I would probably lose the social interaction. And Tyler's handsome, I can imagine him clearly....wait, not helping.

Anyway, about Elizabeth, I like her. As I said I feel bad on what happened to her, and her attitude explained everything. You had almost every element to characterize the character. The story from the beginning through the current chapter was clean and well-written. Though I encountered some words or phrases that I find weird or not good when you say it out loud. (Maybe I'm just paranoid.) Overall, great story, a hell-of-a-plot, amazing protagonist and I'm looking forward for the next chapter!

That's all, For now. ~Tayvril