Angel of Despair

Angel of Despair

1 chapter / 979 words

Approximately 5 minutes to read


Brandon Sanderson contest. I took out almost all of the quotes, due to everyone's comments(:
*NOTE* I did not give information about the MC because this story is meant to entice the imagination to fill in the blanks. So please, I implore you to give my character your own characteristics. Thank you

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over 1 year ago Avery Cloud-Estep said:

Hello, sorry for such a late response. This is a well written story and while reading it I imagined it could be a short film. I can't think of any suggestions, because I enjoyed it as it was. If you are up to it can you read one of my stories?


over 2 years ago sonson said:

That was really good. The title didn't really hit me so when I started, I was expecting a love story of some kind. But then BAM. No love story here. It was a tale a tragedy and sorrow and I could really feel it. It was so vivid. Well done!



over 2 years ago Ta'xialee Rellim said:

I am at a loss of words. This was truly amazing. I was immediately captivated and this is by far my favorite of all the many writings I have read on Figment. It is definitely an evocative piece of literature and I am certain you'll go far in life with your natural aptitude for writing. You will definitely hear from me again. (:


over 2 years ago Julia said:

Sorry for getting back to so late. I loved Angel of Despair. I've never read anything that made me connect to it in a way I connected to this. Excellent work :)