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this is a song I wrote to signify the demons and pasts that haunt us all


Horror, Thriller, Poetry



over 2 years ago Hazel Nethershine said:

Good job, it was deep and meaningful. The only thing was, I thought the flow was a little off in some places, very good though, and great emotion.


over 2 years ago ∞Sierra S.∞ said:

Do you feel left out? If So, join the Left-over buddies group. We talk!


over 2 years ago Aubrey said:

This reaches a level that almost everyone understands. Describing and the technicality of your words was very well chosen and flowed together very good. I like it a lot, for I can relate to it, and I'm sure others can as well :) keep up the good work!


over 2 years ago Nicole DuPree said:

This is deep and beautifully written. I like they way it reads and what it says. Everyone can relate to this, because we all have our demons. Keep up the amazing work!



over 2 years ago Noel Sage Tarcy said:

Would one call this a song, or a poem? It's both, really.

It's also a nice mix of Lyric Poetry and slight Narrative Poetry.

This is well thought out, some what haunting, and beautiful. It flows nicely, even with such a dark theme. There is a new idea with each stanza, yet the concept remains the same and all flows back to the core of what this song is about, the demons.

However, the issue with this being a song, in my opinion is, a song usually has a chorus, or refrain. You have verses, and even a bridge, which comes in at the very end, which is alright with a song, but with no chorus, it comes of somewhat weird. Of course, you don't need a chorus for it to be a song, that's just "mainstream" stuff.

This was very entertaining to read, and even better to put to a self-improvised tune. Try to write some sheet music to accompany it, or a tune you create.

Looking forward to more gems like this.

Sincerely, Noel.