1 chapter / 500 words

Approximately 3 minutes to read


#WINNER of the MythicalWorld contest entry.
Britannica is a mermaid living in King Triton's kingdom. She dreams of the surface, yet is terrified of it. Will she fight her fears and see what is beyond the watery home she's always known?


Writing, Short Story



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about 1 year ago Gracie said:

Wow! This actually left me mesmerised! Love it!

PS. I love mermaids!

Xxx Unicorn Bae



6 months ago Joy said:

I love Mermaids too! I love how you made her see the that there could be a bad side to the surface along with the good. Then having the courageous and adventurous older sister type push her through her fears to finally get to see the true beauty of the world. I'd love to see more of Britannica and her adventures. Good Writing, Joy


6 months ago Robyn Ride said:

love the twist!