1 chapter / 110 words

Approximately half a minute to read


The words in this story have no meaning, no morals, no significance. It's the way you see life with when deeply depressed.



almost 3 years ago azzy said:

This story was really great. While I'd like to know more about the story, you managed to say enough in just a few words. The writing was really rich and your language allowed for me to a longer story and picture it really well. Perhaps the only thing is that I think it would be more evocative if you appealed to all the senses. There's sight, touch, temperature. Maybe include some smells and sounds? But really, this was very good.



over 2 years ago Abby said:

Again, the imagery you use is fantastic. I completely felt like I was there looking up into the clouds. I feel as though this could be a great way to start a novel. Just the right amount of information to get a reader interested.


almost 3 years ago Liam Thomas said:

This story is quite remarkable in the way it is able to convey feeling in such minimal words. I have found myself in similar situations to tis and the feeling was quite precise. Something about the cold tea was elegant, perhaps its just me but that was significant. I have read other pieces that have tried to do this on figment, but none have been able to convey this with the accuracy that you have, and yours was much shorter. Excellent work I commend you for this piece. I encourage you to keep writing, you have talent.