Medusa's Heart

Medusa's Heart

1 chapter / 493 words

Approximately 2 minutes to read


WINNER of MythicalWorld contest! A young girl, cursed with the power of Medusa, struggles to overcome her power and live the ones she loves.Challenges are a part of daily life for her. When will she be free?



11 months ago Dorival Oliveira said:

You wrote a great book, I like it very much!


about 1 year ago Emily Alice said:

It was beautifully written. I could feel the overwhelming emotion. Thank you for sharing.


about 2 years ago Evani Radiya-Dixit said:

This is so beautifully written!


about 2 years ago D I Hernandez said:

I'm gonna keep thinking about all this suffering of the cursed business for the rest of the decade, WOW.



5 months ago Joy said:

This was a beautiful piece and I'd love for the story to continue! I love Greek Mythology and this version of the story is perfect. She isn't the bitter Medusa that everyone knows but the fighting type that loves her family. The one that will never give up and keeps going through the pain. The description of her training was great, I could imagine the scene in my head and that is what makes a great story for me. Good Writing, Joy


8 months ago Alesha Hart said:

Fabulous. I already want to keep reading. Those 500 words were hardly enough. I could really see this being a fleshed out story in full. It has so much potential and so many directions it could go in. Specifically, I really like the Medusa characters inner voice. You have managed to capture internal thought quite well. It truly feels like a string of consciousness. I was a bit confused with the mention of training? It was never touched on again so we're left wit alot of questions. Also, her lover appearing at the end was a touch out of place because I feel like we just established her grief over losing him. Overall, I think this was excellent. Great work!