Falling Up

Falling Up

25 chapters / 48377 words

Approximately about 4 hours to read


After years of being everyone but herself, Charlie McIntyre is ready to take over. Having been relinquished of Janie, her "best" friend who cared more about her boyfriends than her real friends, she wants to redeem herself. Unfortunately, she has no idea how to.

Luke Alexander, on the other hand, might. With a little help from the only person she could ever relate to, she searches for herself in the deepest of depths.

Written for NaNoWriMo 2009. Work in progress. Up to chapter twenty-three posted.
Caution: Contains mature content.


Writing, Drama, Romance, Novel



over 5 years ago Adele Watson said:

I love this book. Can't wait until you add more (at least I hope you add more)


almost 6 years ago Jordan Brianna said:

I've read this so many times I love it so much! It's my new favorite book! Keep writing!


almost 6 years ago Christina Anderson said:

Haha, don't worry, Janie is supposed to be a jerk. It was my intention that readers hate her. :)

Thank you for all the lovely comments, everyone! I should be continuing this soon.

Eagles stare

almost 6 years ago Naomi S said:

ACK!!!! PLEASE tell me there's more chapters coming!!! This was absolutely amazing and I love the story line.


Aurora borealis

over 4 years ago Jaspen Song said:

Please please please write more!!!! This is brilliant, but I really want to read more. IT is really good.If you have the time, I have a short story I think you might like. It is a little bit similar in the end. The story is called My Little Sunshine. Thank you.


almost 6 years ago S.M. said:

I love this story. It's not just a story, it's got possible real life situations and problems, and I love how descriptive it is. I rate it a 11 on a scale of 1-10!! It is definitely an amazing story. You are definitely talented!!!!