The Beginning

The Beginning

2 chapters / 1844 words

Approximately 9 minutes to read


One of ten winners
So, this is for the Autumn Falls contest. Dallas is just a normal girl, in a normal home. Right? (Follows my characters from Life Remembered.)And yes the cover is anime, it sorta represents my characters and I like it. :D



6 days ago sasa said:

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7 months ago Abby Mabry said:

That was really really good. You should continue.

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11 months ago Martine Holmes said:

How did he do that?


about 1 year ago angel 1 said:

Hey you did great but you could keep on wrighting the book more and do not leave people hanging on for long okay cool please follow me



12 months ago AeranDawn said:

It's really is, how you took a typical, everyday scene, and then you tinted it with magic. I think you're really talented, the way you put in the good/bad magic that's usually cliche and did it in a way so that it was almost intriguing in a way. I love the way you played with what I like to call light and shadow, too- how you kind of took something lighthearted, added a bit of seriousness in between, and then went back to that lightheartedness- it takes a lot of talent to melt into it naturally like that.

You're doing good on character development, but I think you could make your characters even more "three-dimensional" by extending beyond your reliance on dialogue to create the character personality and such.

But...good job, keep working at it!


over 2 years ago Taylor said:

I like it the only thing is that it is slightly confusing. Other then that little bit I did enjoy the writing and it was very good and had a good story line.