Professor Lambroy's Sculpture of Bread

Professor Lambroy's Sculpture of Bread

1 chapter / 224 words

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This is a poem about Professor Lambroy's Sculpture of Bread.


Writing, Comedy, Poetry



almost 5 years ago Roberta H. Shapiro said:

I have an assignment for LA to write a fable or fairytale, so I came on Figment to get some inspiration. I don't think I can focus now XD

Marshmallow perfection

almost 6 years ago Chocoholic! said:

ROFL love this. :P Gmc


over 6 years ago Sami Yi said:

This is great - I love the ideas you use in your poetry. You should write children's books!


over 6 years ago Hannah Clove said:

This is very funny :)

I like it!


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