A tear

A tear

1 chapter / 75 words

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over 4 years ago Gweneth Estreme said:

First off, I love the cover. The imagery you used in this poem is absolutely beautiful. Amazing. G


about 5 years ago ~Flamejay said:

T.T u made me feel a deep sense of loss that i have never had a reason to feel in my life... Great Job!!! :D


over 5 years ago Amaya Chamoru said:

Splendid job. so much meaning as my teacher says "quality, not quantity" :D

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almost 6 years ago Rachel W ❤ said:

This is beautiful! I love it!


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over 6 years ago •Brooklyn Fairchild• said:

I once wrote a poem about tears. i was always intreated as to why people cry when they're happy as well as when they're sad. i think you really did that comparison well, even if you don't specifically state it. i liked the emotion in this poem. i could tell you really felt what you were saying, and you weren't just writing for the heck of it. your imagery was good and the only thing i would say is to make it a bit longer (the ending seems a little premature, and i feel like you can really expand) and read it over to work on the flow of your stanzas. overall, a beautiful poem. great job!

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over 6 years ago N/A said:

I have really enjoyed this poem... definitely more than most poems I've read on figment. This one doesn't revolve around anything, yet it revolves around everything. It's not focused solely on "love" just crying. I can't really grasp what any of it is supposed to mean, but it shows a really good representation of the symmetry between good things and bad.

[NOW FOR THE TRANSLATION INTO ENGLISH: =D] I like this poem because it makes me have to wonder what the poem's true meaning is (Reference from FullMetal Alchemist JAP: "The Truth Behind Truths"). I also like it because it isn't focused on anything specific, and as a plus, it shows that everything is double-sided, just like death, life, darkness, light, even a tear.

Overall (Out of 10): I'd give this poem a 10!! (Something I do not give out often ^^)