"Off With Their Heads!"

"Off With Their Heads!"

1 chapter / 499 words

Approximately 2 minutes to read


**Winner of the Mythical World Contest** The Queen of Hearts has yelled 'off with their heads' too many times.





8 months ago Dorival Oliveira said:

I love this book and recommend desconto super slim x.


over 2 years ago Huda Memon said:

This was amazing! Your description was amazing and I like that she learned her mistake in the end but it was too late. Very well done.☺


almost 3 years ago Heather June said:

Nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This title intrigued me, and this is amazing!!!


almost 3 years ago Acelin Clinton said:

It's amazing how you've made this so funny. I loved it.


Ajin - 09 - large 01

5 months ago lol nope said:

Grammar review:

"There’s no one left to follow your orders but myself . . ." I think "myself" should be "me".

". . . and saw her husband’s bloody corpse, and the empty stems . . ." You do not need a comma after "corpse".

"The Queen approached the nearest heart shaped fountain. . ." "Heart shaped" should be "heart-shaped".

This was an interesting story! I like it. I hope this review helped. :)


over 2 years ago Sheena-kay Graham said:

So creepy and chilling. You did a very good job showing the inner psyche of the queen.