"Off With Their Heads!"

"Off With Their Heads!"

1 chapter / 499 words

Approximately 2 minutes to read


**Winner of the Mythical World Contest** The Queen of Hearts has yelled 'off with their heads' too many times.





2 months ago Dorival Oliveira said:

I love this book and recommend desconto super slim x.


about 2 years ago Huda Memon said:

This was amazing! Your description was amazing and I like that she learned her mistake in the end but it was too late. Very well done.☺


over 2 years ago Heather June said:

Nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This title intrigued me, and this is amazing!!!


over 2 years ago Acelin Clinton said:

It's amazing how you've made this so funny. I loved it.



about 2 years ago Sheena-kay Graham said:

So creepy and chilling. You did a very good job showing the inner psyche of the queen.

Jess by pool

over 2 years ago Jessica Swift said:

Wow! This was pretty funny, although it seemed a bit repetitive. I know that was the effect you were trying to have, but I was having a hard time feeling that this story had much substance. To me, it seems as if you just kind of slapped it together without much forethought. Sometimes, that sort of writing can be fun, but I was having a hard time really getting in to it. That's just my opinion. I did, however, really like your imagery. I could definitely see the setting, and the destruction that was upon it.