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written with threee people in mind, but one specifically.


Writing, Poetry


Falling for a nice guy cover

about 6 years ago Sheri said:



over 6 years ago Zara the Shikara tara said:

I love this.


over 6 years ago Rachel Rose Chevalier Gordon said:

I really like it! My only crit would be turning "not-anymore-so-distant" to simply "not so distant", but really well done!

Me iv edit

over 6 years ago Alyssa R said:

Gosh. You probably didn't try for it, but the emotions were all tinges. There was a tinge of a grudge, a tinge of loss. A pale background of (detached?) sorrow. I may be reading into this, because friends have read my poetry and said "nice job on the xyz, youreally expressed the abc well," and I was left standing there thinking "well, I didn't know I did that, it certainly wasn't my goal..." and had no reply to them but an awkward "uh, thanks." I should probably stop my babbling, I'm sure you've read enough, but I really liked the poem.


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