Singing on the Roof

Singing on the Roof

1 chapter / 3853 words

Approximately 19 minutes to read


Lucian Nyx does not approve.

(Author's note: Once upon a time, the first draft of this story was in the inkpop Top 5. This is a revised version. For further info, check out my profile.)


Comedy, Drama, Romance



over 2 years ago It's Just Bones said:

Re-reading all of this for the (fourth!) time, I am still very invested in/connected to Alex and Lucian. Even years later, now that I'm no longer a teenager I still completely identify with Alex.

I look forward to reading the second book when you are finished!


over 2 years ago Oracle said:

*an euphoric smile Where'd you run off to after updating? Love, love loads of love. And a bucketful of tears too. XOXO


over 2 years ago Kacie McClure said:

Still reading! I always flip out when I see that you've added more. I'm captivated :)


over 2 years ago Jasmine of Del said:

Hehehe I love this! Next year cannot come soon enough. :P


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