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kind of loving that won't ever fade


Writing, Romance, Poetry


8-bit saidah

almost 3 years ago Lilonda said:

Wow, this one was great too! Ilove your writing style.


almost 3 years ago Aennli Sky said:

As usual the sentence fluency is superb and I like how you tell this in a way that one has to think a bit to get what you meant. The only piece of criticism I have for you is on Resolution, paragraph three. I believe you meant to say "timeless" and not "timless". Overall, well done.


about 3 years ago Alex Wardle said:

It's a really nice poem and I think there must be a story behind it. Change "tok" though ;)



almost 3 years ago Laurel Zyvoloski said:

in truth: I liked the line about two wrongs. Your writing style is abrupt and mysterious - I like it.

passionate episodes: This was dark. I liked the escapism you portrayed. I could relate to this. I also liked the ominous ending. Very foreboding.

resolution: This piece had a surprisingly sweet ending to the collection. It was a romantic surprise after the more passionate pieces.

Overall, your writing style is simple, romantic and lush without being cliche - which I think is difficult to do with love and relationship poems. Great job and keep it up!


about 3 years ago Alix Armani said:


Again, you leave me amazed.

You are clearly a talented poet, at the very least.

I have always loved the idea of an eternal love, one that can last forever, one that's strong enough to, even though imperfect. But if it can last forever, then perhaps it is in some definition perfect?

So I have dearly loved this poem.

I love the way it starts, I love the way it ends, and I love the bits in between. Thank you, for writing this.

May you get all the recognition you deserve.