who is right

who is right

1 chapter / 113 words

Approximately half a minute to read


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almost 3 years ago Savannah Giles said:

Hello there! This poem is just lovely! The only thing that really caught my eye error wise would be the "I"s. Should they be capitalized? Yet again, the lowercase form could be symbolic. Oh, I'm rambling. I enjoyed the poem thoroughly. Keep writing!


almost 3 years ago Aennli Sky said:

Ooh, this makes you think...I love it. It's logical, makes sense, you have wonderful sentence fluency. The only thing I noticed was that in paragraph three you misspelled principles. Great job!


about 3 years ago Alex Wardle said:

Wow fantastic! It's the best out the 3 you sent me by far! I love it!



about 3 years ago viola_masters said:

The ambiguous ending of this gave the piece a deeper meaning. "Who is right?" It makes the reader think, it asks them to really dig deep into their own psyche to find where they think the poem should go. I love your poetry. Thanks for swapping!