Ricocheting Bullets

Ricocheting Bullets

6 chapters / 233 words

Approximately 1 minute to read


(Poetry Collection)


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Double hearts

7 months ago Vanna said:

Wow they all gave me chills. Even though they were all different, they fit together perfectly. Keep writing


10 months ago v.c. snow said:

All of these poems were beautifully written. You have a talent for it. Your imagery is excellent in all of these. My only wish, I guess I could say, was that I wish a couple of these weren't all free-verse poems just to show higher technical skill, but that's just my opinion. Great work.


11 months ago Roanoke Wilde said:

*eyes bulge as big as saucer* THAT WAS AWEEESOOMMEEE!!!! It was so sad, but there was so much captured in your words and I could feel everything. Keep writing! :) :)


over 1 year ago Kelly Anne Blount said:

I loved all 6 poems!!! Every one of them had so much meaning put into every single phrase and that is a key part when writing a poem. I'm not a poet myself so I can't critique this as a poet but as a lover for poetry, I loved this! I didn't feel like it was a bunch of words in one place :) good job and keep it up!!!



almost 2 years ago Marquis Vincent said:

I love the cohesive theme there is throughout this collection of poetry. I’m not sure if this is intentional, but I’m getting vibes that the speaker, doesn’t really like the concept of their being a higher power existing in this world. I could be wrong (but poetry is open for interpretation) but this is made really evident in “Them”. The narrator seems resentful that this god/higher power has taken a loved one away from them. It’s a common feeling from anyone, when someone dies. “Why them? Why did you take them away from me?”

I wrote that part before going back and reading the description and saw that it was inspired by Saving Private Ryan – so that explains “Them,” but still I think it could also have the same meaning I said previously.

I love how realistic the feeling of being distraught plays out in “Faces”. Everything just becomes a blur for these soldiers so it makes a lot of sense.

Gone – I take it that this takes place later and is a result of war. Or right after and the narrator tries to recount all of the people he knew that had fallen and as somewhat of a coping mechanism he can’t. I could be totally wrong, either way I enjoyed this.

Constructively, there’s nothing I can really advise. It made me think –as you can tell with my weird interpretations! My favorites were – ‘As the Heavens Cry, Them, and Faces’

Keep it up!


over 2 years ago Jackie Manno said:

Never seen the movie, so maybe not the best insight but it could also work as a war poem in general

But nice. It was innovative of you to split the poems into "chapter like", different styles each time, yet telling the same story because it kept me going. The repetition in the first one works really well. As for critique, I suppose we have different styles because I prefer LESS punctuation in poems cause it keeps a thought going. More of a style choice than a criticism though, but I'll definitely consider your advice. Keep up the good work, you've inspired me to write a war poem lol ::))