Warmth in Winter

Warmth in Winter

1 chapter / 408 words

Approximately 2 minutes to read


*WINTER WRITING contest winner*



about 1 year ago Becca Fox said:

So sweet! Thanks for sharing.


over 1 year ago Conner Van Asch (Chesster) said:



over 1 year ago Izzy Carter said:

All I can say is no wonder this won the contest. Beautiful piece of true talent. Loved it!



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over 2 years ago Julie Ann said:

This was beautifully written, it was beautiful and the imagery in this piece is really amazing. Blew my mind.



over 1 year ago Jaylee Morgan said:

This was a beautiful story! I love the way your words just flowed together.

However, dubstep is not really a cozy, remembrance music. Sure, if you want things to get active and exciting, definitely go with dubstep. With the way you describe things, I don't really think that it goes here. Unless, you put down the song title of a quieter dubstep song or something like that.

Brandon's dialog was just a little off. Most people aren't that poetic and it sounded a bit forced to me.

Other than that, I loved this story! I seriously hope to see more writing from you!! :D


almost 2 years ago Olivia Ringley said:

Okay that whole dub step thing just broke the mood of the story for me. I get the comparison and it makes sense, but it just shattered the warm cozy mood. This is a cute story with a nice feeling. The dialogue was okay-ish. The way they talked just didn't feel natural at all and it seemed more like a script for a Hallmark movie. But it was still good and romantic and sweet, raising a good point in the end about how as we grow older, we don't make as many memories. If you had expanded on that idea, it would have been great.