Gratitude's Melody

Gratitude's Melody

1 chapter / 122 words

Approximately half a minute to read


Okay, so the song is about a person who's in performing arts and was about to give up before a mysterious person decided to help that person rise to the top. However, while this mysterious person plays a major part in the narrator's life, she's never even seen his face before, and she wants to so that she can thank him. I might sing it and post it on Youtube depending on if I can get the melody down on either the guitatr or the piano.


Writing, Poetry



over 6 years ago aaron mitchell said:

those are fantastic lyrics! you've managed to keep the depth and consistency to the piece even as you work in the rhymes. that line "nothing hurts more than no reason to keep trying" is so brilliant. excellent stuff!


over 6 years ago Rachel Rose Chevalier Gordon said:

I love the rhythm and melody of this piece! I can definitely see it being a song! I enjoy the wording as well, well done!!!


over 6 years ago Jennifer Ding said:

mysterious and touching, loving it (:


over 6 years ago Fire Story said:

This is amazing! I love the emotion and the rhyming! The flow was great too!



over 6 years ago Lilly Maison said:

This a great piece with a ton of potential. I really liked the style and the rhythm the song had, but I actually found the ending a little bit corny. Other than that, it was beautiful piece! I can't wait to read more of your work!