Love of Two

Love of Two

1 chapter / 123 words

Approximately half a minute to read



Christopher Price. © 2012


Drama, Romance, Poetry



over 1 year ago Eira J. Skye said:

Aww... This is So sweet! ^^ To be honest! I have never read a poem with long lines! But long lines suit this poem! You somehow managed to put that emotion and power and that flow in big lines rather than in small! So that's unique! :) Beautifully Written!

Keep it up and High! :)



over 1 year ago Blade Saine said:

I loved it! You did an outstanding job on this poem.


over 1 year ago Kristen Katsifaras said:

This is a super-sweet poem, and I have not found any errors :) Shirt and sweet is always best!


almost 2 years ago angel 1 said:

Please follow me



over 1 year ago Cho Holly said:

hey Konri, i know you asked for a LAUGH on one of your pieces, so I chose this poem to read. But as much as I wanted to,I didn't want to be dishonest- writing like this isn't a laughing matter, it's beautiful and inspiring! I love your depiction of Adam and Eve (that's what I pictured) and I'm so happy to read a poem that doesn't rhyme, too many people feel like they HAVE to rhyme, you know? But this was refreshing and real, and I loved the smooth style of writing you used. Great, great job, you get a HEART and a WOW! :3


almost 2 years ago angel 1 said:

It was wonderful I was going to cry at the end of it because I was so moved by the poem do not listen to who ever said they found a flaw in the poem I did not find a flaw in you Poem it was just simply beautiful and moving to me wonderful job keep that up and I would love to read another book you wrote by your self you are the most talented writer I have ever mown so great job on this book or poem