Across the Border

Across the Border

20 chapters / 14430 words

Approximately about 1 hour to read


Aya Miyazuki is ready to relax away her summer break, when she suddenly realizes she must uphold a promise she made weeks earlier to her brother, Kichirou- to be together an entire day. They do end up spending the day together, but it doesn't exact go according to plan... Especially since they soon find themselves across the border of a parallel universe. Will Aya and Kichi ever find their way home? And who is this mysterious amnesiac, Alejo?

And it's still not done. But this novel should make more sense now, at least. Note: I know the first chapter is Chapter 7. It's because it is a middlelogue- a chapter taken from the middle of the book. It is an important piece to read, and remember, because it doesn't make sense in the middle of the book- since the MC doesn't remember and isn't aware of what is happening during that time period.
And I also find it entertaining to confuse people. "What is this? CHAPTER 7? WHAT??!! THE NUMBER SYSTEM BEING DISOBEYED!!!??? MADNESS!"

UPDATE: So, I finally got around to designing a cover art. It's not the most amazing piece of art ever, but... It's okay. :)
UPDATE[Part Dos]: I made another cover art, which again is not the greatest art piece ever, and also is okay.
PS: No, there is NOT a big white dot on Kichi's head. It's his hat. GOSH DAD! :P


Adventure, Fantasy, Novel



almost 6 years ago Jess-ica said:

You got me hooked the moment I read the first chapter - I have this thing for Japanese-related stories, & I have to say I love the name Akiko! I haven't gotten very far with the story yet, but already I can be sure it's gonna be an enjoyable ride! I may be a bit of a comment spammer, so you'll have to watch out for my endless babble, I'm afraid :3 & oh! You're the first person I followed, since I only joined today hawhaw. C;


about 6 years ago kelseeva said:

ummmmmmmmm...... no. :P


about 6 years ago Blossom T. Knightly said:

This showed up as all the rage, for some reason. Has anyone liked it lately? It's been a while since you published it...


almost 7 years ago kelseeva said:

I know........ I'm just sooooooooo busy with the musical.... XD



over 5 years ago Ciel Wynd said:

Like the others, i loved your word choice and imagery! Great story!


about 7 years ago kelseeva said:

Thanks for the comments and reviews, guys! I am working on getting it in order (since I have TWO DAYS LEFT. AAAAHHHH!) and it should be a finished product by tomorrow morning. SO excited!!! :D

And thanks Lindsey for pointing out the description thing in Ch7. I meant to take it out, since I describe her later on- but I wrote ch7 before I wrote the rest of it, so I didn't realize I would describe her later on. It sorta ruins the surprise if I put it in the first chapter, huh? Ah, well, it was deleted. :)