bright place

bright place

1 chapter / 194 words

Approximately less than a minute to read


*ALL THE BRIGHT PLACES contest winner* where I am inspired



almost 2 years ago Olivia Ringley said:

i liked some of the description in this and i could picture the place that you were talking about in my head. In poem form, it seems a bit chunky and it is too short for a short story. I guess it is somewhere in between which is okay, doesn't really matter. It was a nice story was good writing.


over 2 years ago Artemis J. Potter said:

I really liked how you expressed your bright space :) I could tell that you really find inspiration in your room. =I can see why you chose your room. It's peaceful and quiet and something about the solitude just puts you in the right mind sight. I don't have much else to say, except that it's short so I think you could expand on it a bit, but I got the general idea. Good luck in the contest!


over 2 years ago Jacinda Stewart said:

I really liked that. There's just something about retreating into your room and writing in bed that's just so wonderful.

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over 2 years ago Julie Ann said:

I really liked this one it was cute ^^


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