My Place of Inspiration

My Place of Inspiration

1 chapter / 390 words

Approximately 2 minutes to read


In 555 words or fewer, write a short story about a special place that has inspired you. You have until 11:59 p.m. ET on Friday, February 20th to enter your story.

This is the story of my place of inspiration. And maybe it's not what the people running this contest are looking for, but it's not supposed to be beautiful; it's supposed to be real.

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almost 3 years ago Chris Simmons said:

That was a good piece, truth is the best form of statement! Well done and i love the truth behind this, to be honest i got my idea to write in a class room and I've been writing every since, never giving up the practice and finally getting back to fully reading again feels great! So great work!


almost 3 years ago meme said:

I love this! I scrolled through the Bright places contest entries and every time I saw this one I wanted to read it so badly because I loved the cover! It was beautifully written and very original! Nice job! :)


almost 3 years ago Alena Parker said:

Haha this was awesome! I loved the honesty and humor with which you wrote. :) :P You have my vote for sure.


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almost 3 years ago Shayymin said:

I loved the story! I especially like how it's just a couch, but yet has meaning much beyond that of a normal couch. One thing I do agree with the reviewer to my right, is that maybe you could describe the couch more? Make it important to the readers! Other than that, I really loved it, and best of luck for the contest!



over 1 year ago Caitlin Mathews said:

It's extremely rare that I can read something so personal, and modern no less, and not be hideously bored by the results. Rarely, as well, is an author so honest with the place where she actually gained inspiration. You hear so much of the "I was sitting under a tree watching the sunset" crap that you forget that most of your best work comes when you're staring at a screen at 4 am with a packet of crisps and Netflix in the background.

As for flaws, you started a few sentences with conjunctions, but the piece flowed so well I didn't give half a damn for them. Please, continue writing, because you have a gift. If you can snag an infamously crotchety horror/fantasy writer with 250-ish words about a damn couch, you can do anything.

This was a pleasure.


over 2 years ago William Carter said:

Here's a Short Review Completing My End of Our Swap.

Spelling Mistakes:

"Normally, I would choose to write about some place beautiful, that I could describe with delicious detail and call it my most ideal place of inspiration." Change to "someplace."

That was the only spelling mistake I found.

Grammatical Mistakes:

"But then I would be lying." You begin this sentence with a conjunction, which makes this sentence a sentence fragment.

"But it's true." This is another sentence fragment.

"And reading meant Harry Potter." This is another sentence fragment.

"And that is much better than an artist and musician." This is another sentence fragment.

"But sometimes, that's the best place." This is another sentence fragment.

"But there's nothing like sitting in the place where you were first inspired to change your life that day, and to experience inspiration again." This is another sentence fragment.

Other Things:

Overall, I thought this was a nice piece despite the few grammar errors and the one spelling mistake. Once you fix those, I believe this will be a quaint piece of writing. :)