She Doesn't Know

She Doesn't Know

1 chapter / 410 words

Approximately 2 minutes to read


<> A poem about girls insecurities, but how we are beautiful even when we say we aren't. Copyright Ellia Roe 2015


Writing, Poetry, Drama


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9 months ago KamiLee Woodring said:

I LOVED this poem! I'm more of a poem style person myself, so I am glad that this piece caught my attention. I love how you repeat "she doesn't know" over and over - reiterating your point of something that relates to most teenage girls now-at-days. I strongly agree with your set-up: beginning with a wide spread topic, weaving it into something so personal, then expressing your message in the last few stanzas. Well done! I applaud!


almost 2 years ago Mia Constransitch said:

I am not great with poetry but to me this flowed like a song this had such a powerful feel to it I really enjoyed reading this. Kudos to you btw this is a very over used topic I have seen many poems and stories written on this subject but yours stands out to me i like how at the end you dress the reader.


over 2 years ago Summer said:

I'm not very good at analyzing poetry, mainly because I'm a horrible poet myself, but this is great! I like how you take a stranger and weave her into someone so relatable, so personal, that she becomes real to the reader. The message behind the poem, especially at the end, is uplifting and powerful - a perfect way to finish the piece.

My suggestions are to 1) use a wider range of vocabulary, and 2) make the rhythm more regular. I felt like there were a lot of simple words, which did make the poem easy to read and understand, but using larger and more "fancy" vocabulary would be a nice touch. And feel free to disregard my second suggestion because I really don't know that much about poetry :P It was a little awkward to read through the lines when they didn't have regular rhythm and rhyme, though. Unless you were going for free verse? Again, feel free to disregard this suggestion because I'm not a big poetry reader. Your poem is definitely great the way it is, and I think it carries an important message that all girls need to hear.


over 2 years ago Selena Brooks said:

I loved this! Self-image is definitely something girls struggle with a lot, and the way you addressed this in the poem was both realistic and encouraging. I only caught one typo: you said "heals" at one point when I believe you meant "heels".

Other than that, this poem was flawless! It flowed extremely well and had great meter; I wasn't stumbling to fall into a rhythm as I read this. Amazing work!



almost 2 years ago Stormie "Ducky" McNeal said:

I applaud you for writing this. This is something all girls should hear, myself included. I have the world's worst self-confidence EVER, all though that's probably just the low self-confidence speaking there.

It has a good rhythm and flow, although I felt like sometimes the punctuation should be changed. There was periods where I feel like there should be commas. That's just me though, I know some people may prefer it this way.

Overall, a good poem with a good message. Please keep writing!


about 2 years ago Colette [Rook] said:

I LOVE THIS!!! This was so sad it brought tears to my eyes. This is very relatable and I think it's a message girls need to hear. So many don't think they're beautiful. A friend of mine was ridiculed because of her curly hair and I know several girls who are sooooo self conscious about their weight. It makes me sad. This is now one of my favorite poems! Sorry I didn't have anything helpful to say. I couldn't think of anything, really. This was beautiful!