Fell For You Again

Fell For You Again

1 chapter / 265 words

Approximately 1 minute to read


Please read this. All comments are appreciated! This is a song I wrote about a lot of different things. The "you" referred to in the song can and should be interpreted in different ways.


Writing, Memoir, Poetry



over 1 year ago Victoria Guyadeen said:

I absloutly love this! It's amazing!! Keep writting :)


about 2 years ago cassandra said:

Incredibly emotional..Wow...Really good picture of your train of thought.


about 2 years ago Becky Hill said:

So much like a situation I'm still going through... Beautifully written and completely heartwrenching. I love it :)

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about 2 years ago Shia F said:

Great poem! I loved this! Nice rhyme scheme and great message. So powerful.



about 2 years ago C. F. Spears said:

I am in love with this poem. You have a great balance of rhyme and rhythm, and the subject matter is something that I think a lot of people can relate to. Wonderful work.


about 2 years ago Clodie said:

the first "you're" should actually be "your". I love lyrics/poetry - nice work :D