2045: Out The Gravity

2045: Out The Gravity

17 chapters / 11856 words

Approximately about 1 hour to read


This is the first book I made on figment, at this point in time I wasn't very good at writing and the title is too long, but enjoy. XD

It's the year 2045, and things have changed on Earth. But in a little town in Pennsylvania, a young girl named Hunter wants to be a space traveler. But something special about her will propel her farther than she ever imagined.



almost 2 years ago Danny said:

first 2 chapters the best


over 2 years ago JJ Wright said:

Whoa. WHOAAAAAA OMG THIS IS AMAZING!! I am HOOKED!!! I seriously love *everything* about this! The plot is ingenious! I've only read the first 2 chapters but I can guarantee you I will be back to read the rest!! Oh, and you did an AMAZING job with characterization. :) ~sorry for the overuse of exclamation points XD

Monument valley 3.2

almost 3 years ago Coral Vaci said:

But I thank you for reading it ^.^

Monument valley 3.2

almost 3 years ago Coral Vaci said:

and in the Third person point of view.

it not my best story..


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