The Enemy

The Enemy

1 chapter / 1196 words

Approximately 6 minutes to read


This is my entry for the Fable Contest, so please heart it if you like it! A General takes a morbid stroll through a battlefield strewn with carnage, contemplating the true meaning of what makes an enemy.



over 6 years ago White Rabbit said:

Very nice. I love the darkness that was woven into this story.

Headshots 026

over 6 years ago Marceline R. said:

I liked this a lot, it was strong and clear and well-written. Good job making the general so wise. I liked the character of The Thief, and the dice were a great image! As Mikael said, I did feel like the moral was being shoved in my face a little, but it was still a compelling read.


over 6 years ago Naheed Muqeetulla said:

Great work. I love the plot and the language!


over 6 years ago Roza A. said:

To see through other eyes and treat them how they want to be treated. Good story.



over 5 years ago Rach Justice said:

wow, that was such good writing that i think that life lesson will stay with me forever

Mikael (50 of 224)_2

over 6 years ago Mikael Short said:

This is a great well-rounded story. You are definitely gifted as a writer...

The descriptions were very nice. I felt immersed in the world of this war. On top of that, the characters motivations were true and real. The General was particularly crafted well.

The moral of it is a good one to learn indeed. However, it does seem to hit all at once rather than drawn out a little. I felt like it was trying to shove it in my face just a tad, like "This is the MORAL!"

Good story with splendid writing though! Nicely done!