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Winner of the Family Expectations Contest

This is a written account of my parents' expectations for me and how that's influenced my life.
©2015. Cover by Jazlyn



over 2 years ago InvadingTurtle said:

Your parents sound awesome! You should let them read this!

Should I ever become a parent, I'll try to keep this in mind. :)


over 2 years ago Mursal said:

I like your idea. The reader can feel what you imagine. ~JD

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over 2 years ago Ava Snow said:

Sorry for getting to our swap so late. I agree with Headintheclouds. I think you should share this with your parents. You would make their day :) I only have a few corrections to point out :P 1. Because of that, they were focused on what worked for me. SOUNDS BETTER AND NOT REDUNDANT.

2. Whenever I do compare myself, my mom REMINDS me to only concern myself with me. YOU COULD REWRITE IT LIKE THIS. SO THAT THE SENTENCE FLOWS MORE SMOOTHLY.

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over 2 years ago Headintheclouds said:

Sounds like you've got awesome parents!

Have you shared this with them? I'll bet they would love it :)



almost 3 years ago Jeff Ebner said:

I hope this is nonfiction because it has a really heartwarming happy go luck feeling to it. I think this piece is brilliantly honest. It made me smile and feel giddy for this character who had such a lovely upbringing. This is how parents should raise their kids, by an individual standpoint. Not trying to compare them to anyone else because we are all different. Great work! I loved how truthful this piece was and I had hope you continue to add chapters to it, because I would love to keep reading.


almost 3 years ago Sydney Madison said:

This is probably the most positive story I've read for this contest. It is simple, pretty and it has a great message. You must have had really great parents, from the looks of it! Most of the ones I've read for this contest were 'My parents always expected more of me' or 'My children are so hard to get along with,' but this was sweet, supportive and it brought a smile to my face. There was no grammatical errors, either. Good job and good luck on the contest!