How the Mighty Have Fallen

How the Mighty Have Fallen

1 chapter / 500 words

Approximately 3 minutes to read


THE FULL AND EXTENDED VERSION IS NOW UP! IT'S CALLED "THE SHADOW." CHECK IT OUT! A woman comes home to see her husband passed out and injured on the floor. What happened to him and is he really telling her the truth?



over 6 years ago Charlotte Rose said:

I like the power and intensity this story has. You're amount of dialogue to description was perfect, and overall you did an excellent job! :D


over 6 years ago Rajarshi Banerjee said:

The best story's don't need a complicated plot. The best writer's pick out something before your eye's and conjure magic. Liked the story extremely.


almost 7 years ago Ren D. said:

Yeah, but it's not the whole thing, it's only a bit that I edited down. I actually wrote this before we got the English assignment, and I was allowed to edit and use the full version.

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almost 7 years ago Cassidy said:

OMG Ray! You posted this project on figment too. Yay!! Now I don't feel like a total loser posting my english hw online. =) Read mine?


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over 5 years ago Mellany Bartkowiak said:

It was really amazing I loved it. Only one spot, towards the middle where there's dialogue she says something like "Are you there's nothing you forgot?" I think you might've left out a word. Other than that it was really great. Very powerful.


over 6 years ago Oathark Leeroy said:

An excellent combonation of shivers and wows for me....Excellent Conversation and I like the topic...Over all a thrilling start to your new book Rachel!