The Trail of Deeds, Book 1

The Trail of Deeds, Book 1

8 chapters / 10945 words

Approximately about 1 hour to read


"We have hidden in the shadows for far too long."
Imagine... hundreds of years ago, before we ever existed, when castles stood, few and far between. Many never realize what was truly there, between the great kingdoms. They were much too focused on the perishable part of the earth to see the everlasting one.
The humans, unknown to the modern creature, have utterly disappeared into thin air, centuries before the world was ever colonized. Mighty fortresses have been left behind in the wake of a new dominant kind, the ones who have kept their presence quiet for thousands of years. Now, they will have their story.
Cover design by Ashley Bird.
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almost 3 years ago Tiffany said:

Chapter Three:

Good imagery in the beginning of this chapter. Also, the description about Akarin is really good.

“No, I don’t.” Is Singatari thinking this? If so, maybe put it in italics so the reader isn’t confused. I like that it’s its own paragraph though, it adds more emphasis to the meaning.

Addressing what I said in the review for chapter two, I like the rebellious thoughts Singatari’s having, like “No, I don’t” and “We’re not your slaves” but I still feel she’d say something or do something. Maybe not in the castle, maybe on the trek to it, but still.

Plot twist! Haha that’s awesome.

It says surely I won’t be living out the rest of my days here? And then Oben seems to answer her that it was his room, but it’s not in quotations. Did she say it aloud?

Can he read her thoughts? Because again all she says is “what?” and he goes on a rant connected to what she’s thinking a second ago. I would look at this.

Overall, a good chapter. We learn a lot as a reader without total info dumps and there’s a little suspense/excitement. I like Oben, I thought there was something a little off in him in the last chapter, and I guess I was right. Thanks!


almost 3 years ago Tiffany said:

Chapter Two:

Why doesn’t she fight back? Yeah, she’s younger than them, probably confused, and outnumbered. But wouldn’t she snarl a little? Wouldn’t she try to defend her little sister any way she could? Even if she’s not the “fighting” type, maybe have her try and snip at Bodolf (I say him because he seems to be the submitting type compared to the other two). Just a suggestion.

One thing. If the MC and Geraka’s father was taken after just before the MC was born, how is Geraka here? Maybe I missed something, are they not true blood? Did their mom find someone else between that time? Just something to look at if they are true siblings.

I just feel that Singatari would do something. Say something to try and stop them, even just a little. Instead it kind of seems that she doesn’t mind being pushed around. She just watches, confused, as they fight amongst themselves. Wouldn’t you be like “Hey! Can we talk about us here? Why do you need us for the war? Where are you taking us? Take me, not my sister!” maybe it’s just me but I think there would be just a little resistance, if just in Singatari’s thoughts.