Ashes Still Burning

Ashes Still Burning

1 chapter / 1298 words

Approximately 6 minutes to read


Humans and dragons have been at war for countless Centuries. When a fire dragon named Artemis loses his mate he sees just how pointless war is.


Writing, Fantasy, Action



almost 4 years ago Emma Kate said:

Great job! I love how you're able to put so much into a pretty short story. I also liked how you made something really bad (the death of Flyleaf) into something good (the baby dragon and the toddler becoming friends). I saw a few typos, but that was it. Again, great job. :) - EK


about 5 years ago Joker369 said:

Wow, great story, i feel so sorry for artemis but he's right nothing is gained from war, only the lose of loved ones. You should defiently continue this, id love to read the rest of it.


over 5 years ago Emillia Gryphon said:

I gave this story a heart just after reading the discription! This story is lovely and I adore how it is told from the dragon's POV! Please write more! Its funny we think about dragons in the same way, I think,(I figure dragons with four with four different types for the elements water fire earth and air)If your interested I am writing two stories right now which feature dragons. The Books of Becor and The War of Souls: Shifters Mark. Would you want to swap and I can write a longer review for this lovely piece! Please update it soon! Poor Artemis is going to loose his mate! =(


almost 6 years ago Joker369 said:

hey i was wondering if you wanted to swap for my book "Death Academy"



about 5 years ago Ashlee said:

Love it, hence the heart. A few grammatical errors, but nothing major. A little more detail would go a long ways with this one. Overall, A+ :)

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over 6 years ago Victoria W. said:

This is an amazing story and well written. I understand the word limit, so some things are left unanswered or unexplained. But it has extreme possibilities and potential for a full fledge story (hint hint). Love it ;)