Vacant Memory #1

Vacant Memory #1

6 chapters / 4546 words

Approximately 23 minutes to read


Book One of The Vacant Memory Series - Meet Nikita, a teen who was born with the power of time travel, or was she? Memories of her past seem false, and she feels as if she missing something. Nikita goes a search for who she really is but her findings are nothing like what she expected...


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about 1 month ago Red Silhouette said:

Excellent writing! Beautifully set out.


about 1 month ago Paris Pearl said:

This is beautifully written:) I loved how you developed Nikita and touched up the sentences with your own stylistic decorations. Your writing always goes beyond my expectations, which makes me eager for more! I soaked in every detail like a sponge. The creativity and overall structure of this piece were flawless.

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about 1 month ago Trinity Aster said:

I read all of it and I really like it!! So good!


about 1 month ago Rose C. said:

Wow! I was totally into that and you did a good job keeping me on the edge of my seat. Thank you for writing that!



about 1 month ago Penny Wing said:

Vacant Memory is a great story, although not without flaws. There are many spelling and grammar errors; maybe you should check over it one more time. There is also a problem with sentence fluency. Often words are repeated more than once in a sentence, making it confusing and harder to follow. There was a good use of foreshadowing in the prologue, I really liked that. However, in order to fully utilize that you need to build up the suspense more. The scene where Nikita is in front of the president, you should drag it out more; make the president seem more uncertain about what to do so the reader keeps reading. Vacant Memory is an overall good story, though, and the concept is amazing. Keep writing!

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about 1 month ago September Edenshaw said:

This is for the review. I give honest opinions, rather than giving fake compliments.

First things first. Spelling of Prologue. It's not prolouge, maybe you should check that.

It's interesting. I loved the way you described things and it felt as if I was there. I loved the ideas. There were some grammatical errors and some punctuations are missing, but it can be fixed. I liked it very much.

And the cover's interesting too. Who made that?

But anyway, hope this helps.