Love Is Blind To Anatomy

Love Is Blind To Anatomy

25 chapters / 18024 words

Approximately about 2 hours to read


Cover by Jaylynn Yoshimaru, fellow figgie. All rights reserved, copywright Lianna Giorgianne 2015


Comedy, Drama, Romance



over 2 years ago Marissa;) said:

This is so great! Thank you for writing this

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over 2 years ago nicholas moore said:

this is great. i love the title :). i think you captured the emotions perfectly (i can vouch for accuracy) and it's well written even though there are a few grammatical errors.


over 2 years ago mads said:

this is awesome! i've only read the first chapter but this has already turned out to be wonderful. i love gay / lesbian / other type stories, they just make me so happy. all that i'd point out would be that not much is said about his personality when you said "looks and personality", and damon seems like a too-perfect character. also, "squeeling" should be "squealing".

overall, i especially love how you didn't just go out and say that he was a guy - i thought so from the cover, but if it wasn't there i never would've guessed! keep up the great work!


over 2 years ago Iasa Dian Esperanza said:

Hey my name is Jessica Morse. Love this story (I am only on chapter 6, but it's Awesome!)


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over 1 year ago shannah said:

Chapter One:

I like how you started the story off with the line "When you say you fell in love the first time, they aren't kidding . . .", but it kind of is a cliche line to start with. After that, the plot line seems to flow nicely. You have really good grammar as well, and I found little to no mistakes in spelling, punctuation, etc. You also gave very descriptive detail of Damon, and as a reader, I appreciate getting a better visual of the characters I'm reading about. I thought the part with Damon giving the main character his phone number, and asking him to sit with him at lunch by drawing in his sketchbook was amazing. Finally, I love the mini plot twist at the end for the main character. Overall, I love the creativity put in this book so far, and this is definitely something I would recommend to a friend.

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over 2 years ago Sirena Black said:

I LOVED it!!! So cute yet funny and eye opening, good job!