More Than The Myth

More Than The Myth

20 chapters / 32173 words

Approximately about 3 hours to read



Logan's life completely changes after a recent break-up with her long term boyfriend. Another boy shows up in her life and gives her the strangest news yet - that she's the reincarnation of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love. Now she's thrown into the world of gods and monsters and has to embark on a journey of friendship, action, and maybe a little romance




9 months ago Cynthia Silver☾✯ said:

Okay, now that I'm all caught up to the present, I can't wait to start this chapter! And I'll probably comment as I read, because I find that the reactions tend to be better that way. XD

Hahaha, Liz is so hilarious. "Lightning dude and mystery man." Love it!

On the "the both of us were weary around Jason and Richard," I'm not entirely sure if you meant "weary" (tired) or "wary" (cautious), but it makes more sense to be "wary".

Hahaha... way to go Jakob! For some reason, though, I was expecting the arena to be outdoors. You know, cuz Artemis is a nature goddess. XD

Dang, Juliette is good. Not sure if I can say Hawkeye or Artemis good yet, but she's good for a normal person right now.

Ha, her reaction is on point! Great job there! I love how they all give different reactions to the news so it's not like you're repeating the same script over and over!

Finally, someone who says Greek mythology is one of their best subjects! I was getting tired of the "I can barely remember the major myths." Ugh, I'm a little disappointed she wasn't awakened then and there, but for reasons I completely understand. Liz had a nice solution! Can't wait to continue! XD


9 months ago Cynthia Silver☾✯ said:

OMG, I saw your comment and realized that you posted a new chapter! So excited to finally get back on this! XDDD I'm literally so behind on what I had planned today, which is why I haven't gotten to your comment yet, but THIS absolutely could not wait. I've waited nearly a year for this, and I won't wait any longer. XD

Oooh, so this is kinda like charmspeak in HoO, right? Cool cool cool!

Haha, love the Star Wars: The Force Awakens reference! I'm pretty sure at the time you left off on this, that wouldn't have even been a possible reference, LOL.

Steve was the Hephaestus reincarnation, right? Holy cow, if I'm right... I'm pretty sure that Jason is Ares, and positive that Liz and Jakob are Athena and Poseidon.

Okay, so not much actually happened, but of course, considering you're getting back in the game with this, I'm still super excited! Hope you can get the next chapter up soon; I can't wait to meet the Juliette, AKA the reincarnation of my favorite goddess and real-life Hawkeye! XD


over 2 years ago Selena Brooks said:

Very nervous to see what Logan will do once she gets her powers...especially with Jakob. :O


over 2 years ago Cynthia Silver☾✯ said:

Haha, love the Hawkeye reference; he's my favorite Avenger, LOL. I think it has something to do with the archery.

Yay! Artemis is next! She's my favorite goddess, if you haven't noticed. ;)



8 months ago Cynthia Silver☾✯ said:

Chapter 19:

Wow, Katherine is actually there? That’s surprising. Or IS she…? Anyways, the phrase “honestly not expecting her not to be missing like the others,” is kinda a complicated way of saying it with the double negatives. I’d change it.

Wow. Smooth, Jason. XD He really is clueless, but considering he’s Ares, it’s actually kinda funny. XD

It’s been so long that I forgot their plan, but, yeah, finding Katherine does mean that someone was being a snitch earlier. I honestly don’t know who to suspect, and from just finishing the mystery novel in English with NONE of my hypotheses being correct, I’ve just about decided that solving mysteries is definitely better left to others. Let’s go with the flow. XD

Gah. Fix the “titans.” It’s bugging me. It should be capitalized.

So… I guess the Titans are the big threat here. I was kinda hoping you’d come up with something different from PJ, like having them track down a bunch of villains from the myths who managed to be reincarnated into normal humans and were starting to wreak havoc on the world… but I guess not everything can be original.

Ooh, that thing about needing the gods to be awakened before the TITANS could be awakened as well is pretty cool, though!

I was just gonna say, “Funny that Jason would trust Logan out of everyone else,” but then I remembered the Ares-Aphrodite thing. Although, I can safely say that I was not expecting Jason/Ares to be so mature and take control. Wonder how this is going to go… will it be Logan and Jakob or Logan and Jason? Guess I’ll have to wait and see. XD

HA, I love that character development there! I mean, I don’t know how Katherine/Demeter would be able to guess, but it totally makes sense that Juliette/Artemis is kinda clueless in the world of romance! Again, I love the subtlety!

Haha, I do like the idea of Demeter and Artemis getting along with each other. Or, should I say, Kat and Juliette. And I love that line, “If only punching Jason would solve all our problems.” Brilliant!

I am kinda wondering when is Jason gonna show his more Ares-esque side, blasting everybody with rage, desire for warlust, and causing killing sprees left right and center. I’m just saying, unlike most of the characters, there isn’t really something that makes Jason seem like Ares, and considering he’s a main-er character… anyways, I’ve now given you something to think about! Another great chapter! Hope you can get the next up soon, but I’m guessing you’re probably swamped with end-of-level testing, so no worries if it takes long! (just don’t go MIA again please)


8 months ago Cynthia Silver☾✯ said:

Chapter 18:

If Logan was worrying about money last chapter, how can she afford to offer the Uber driver a big tip if he stayed? Also, you forgot to capitalize “Uber.”

Ugh, Aphrodite is so vague. It annoys/sickens me. I mean, they are AT the warehouse. Geez, do you need to be any more infuriatingly cryptic, lady? (I’m so not being fair to her, but she’s one of my least favorite goddesses, so I don’t think you’d be surprised.)

Haha, convenient Jakob was there, and convenient explanation of how he broke the lock.

Um… did they not bring a flashlight? Not saying that it’d make a dark creepy tunnel any less terrifying… but it might.

“Ancient Greek style pillars,” eh? I can tell SOMEONE didn’t do their research on their classical Greek orders. Columns, or pillars, typically have three designs (orders), Doric, the oldest and most simple, which is just a rectangle at the top of the pillar, Ionic, which has a design like scroll furls (called “volute”) on the corners, and Corinthian, the newest and most intricate, with it’s elegant design of acanthus leaves on the top. One, it’s not “Ancient Greek” so much as developed in the classical era. And two, while this may not be common knowledge, you could definitely describe the pillars more. Sorry! And I say I’m not an architecture nerd! XD

Capital “Titan(s)” por favor.

Aww, I like how she has to learn to trust him all over again to survive this! Their cooperation not coming easily makes for a lot more character development during this!

And like Percy, Jakob has water resistance! LOL, sometimes I forget that these guys aren’t demigods. XD

Soo…. what the heck was this room with its paintings of Titans all about? And how did Aphrodite know about it? And what was with that water that washed the paintings away? And does that mean the Titans are coming back to be the villains?

LOL, their (or rather her) awkwardness is so amusing! It’s funny how Jakob acts like they’re still in a relationship, but then Logan is trying to not let herself get close to him. But I can tell she’s failing, and I love the subtlety!

Dudes trying to pick a fight with the ocean… yeah, I don’t remember anything about that from the myths. Although, I have to admit, it’s been awhile since I’ve done light research on my own about Greek mythology, since I figured I already know most of the popular myths, anyways.

Aww, they’re cute together! I kinda wanna ship them again, despite my suspicions about Jakob. He cheated on Logan, right, that’s why they’re not together? I still don’t understand why he did that, since he seems to genuinely like her…

He’s cute. I can feel my dislike of him waning away… Honestly, this may be because I’ve never been in a serious relationship myself, but would it be so bad to at least become friends again? I mean, if he genuinely wants to fix it and do better… doesn’t he deserve a chance? IDK, the way you’ve written him, he seems sympathetic to me.

Oh, NOW Aphrodite decides to be helpful??? GO TO EFFING TARTARUS, B****

LOL, I still can’t believe their parents are letting them do this. MINE would insist on a freaking video call as proof every three hours minimum… if they even let me. XD Good chapter! I’ll see if I have time to continue!