Smoke and Ashes

Smoke and Ashes

1 chapter / 241 words

Approximately 1 minute to read


Breathe. One of the simplest yet hardest things to do.



over 2 years ago Staci Wright said:

This piece is absolutely phenomenal baby girl. Your heart is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing also congratulations on the recommendation...


over 2 years ago Brandi Wood Bryan said:

Absolutely wonderful. Great Job


over 2 years ago Alena Parker said:

AHHH CONGRATS!!!!! :D Totally deserved!! :)


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over 2 years ago Hillary Holloway said:

This is incredible. I love the quote that you used and the metaphor of the cigarette. It's so emotional and well written.



over 2 years ago Eugene G. Black said:

In all honesty, this feels very thrown together. Your structure is loose, full of cliched lines and uninspired (or inspiring) prose and thoughts. This piece seems dull, unrefined, and poorly punctuated.

My advice would be to think out the situation and feeling this character is experiencing, rather than rely on tropes and or overused characteristics to make the point of this piece stand out.


over 2 years ago E. Anderson [ON VACATION] said:

Very passionate-it makes me feel as if i am the one living her type of hellish life. Her experiences are deeply thought out and written down and her thoughts are real. Very good piece of lit.