Restless Nights

Restless Nights

1 chapter / 690 words

Approximately 3 minutes to read


I wrote this piece as Halloween was rapidly approaching, one which allowed me to briefly explore the experience of a werewolf. I hope that you enjoy this piece and find it entertaining. Thanks for taking the time to read it and have a great day! Adam


Writing, Horror, Poetry



about 2 years ago Cleveland W. Gibson said:

I quite like the attempt for originality in this poem. However all writers need to re=write and to seek out excellence. Perhaps change a few words here and there to unite all into what becomes Restless Nights. Line one what about The beckoning moons shows us its silent rage and then you can tackle line two to complete the rest of the story. However, do keep writing and let us read what you write.


over 2 years ago ♠♥Mad As A Hatter♦♣ said:

I loved it. I agree with the review on how the voice wavered a bit, but if you were into the piece and reading for enjoyment instead of criticism, you wouldn't notice it. I didn't until it was pointed out.


over 2 years ago The Life of Darius said:

This was pretty deep for such a short poem. I was a bit confused when I read it the first time, but I got at after the second time.So this is a small moment in which an executioner is. God has the power to take away lives, right? So the executioner just couldn't pull the trigger. This was nicely written, vague and yet easy to understand, with nice language. Good job :)


over 2 years ago kavya agarwal said:

such a captivating poem.... one of the best i have read till now



12 months ago Stephanie Horror said:

After reading this piece, I'm actually at a loss of words. I have no idea how to explain what I feel or what I'm even thinking. I haven't read such a remarkable piece like this in sooooooo long! Honestly, I'm a sucker for werewolves and I'm so happy to pick this as the first thing to read. I've been fascinated by werewolves since I was in second grade. However, after reading some of the older reviews and comments before mine, I honestly don't believe nothing has to be changed. I think this piece is perfect just the way it is because I enjoyed it the entire time I was reading. I mean seriously, how can you not enjoy a poetic story about a man who's been cursed with the blood of a wolf? A werewolf no doubt.

Alright, let me stop ranting like a idiot and get onto the proper review!

As I said, in my opinion, I don't think any changes needs to be made to this piece and I'm not just saying that to end this review quickly, I really mean that. I enjoyed this piece so much, and I admire the choice of vocabulary you used as well with your rhymes. When I first started reading this, I thought to myself, “Gosh! This would make such an amazing children's book!” until I got to the more advanced vocabulary words and...yeah. Haha! I'd like to see a child try to pronounce half of these words. But nonetheless, I still believe this piece should be published into some sort of book, maybe perhaps a book of poetry written by the marvelous and talented Adam himself. (:

The way you carry your words in this, allowing them to flow freely, and not to mention having them ALL make sense and rhyme at the same time is a very challenging process when it comes to poetry. I can never pull that off with poetry (which is why I intend to write in free-verse now thanks to Callie~) and you sir, quite nailed this piece to perfection. For it being such a short poem, it told a story of a cursed man doing what he “normally” does on restless nights.

Oh! Might I add that I loved how you ended your last line with the words of the title? (: Nicely done, Adam. Very nicely done and impressive work here. I hope you write pieces like this in the future. Perhaps maybe one about a vampire? Or a witch? Whatever it maybe, let me know and I'll be more than happy to read it!

Happy writing and never stop writing!



over 2 years ago Kevin Vaudano said:

The multiple dimensions that you give, the feelings, the fear and the power are there and quite palpable. You are a good poet, Great job