The Sanswan Flower

The Sanswan Flower

1 chapter / 1182 words

Approximately 6 minutes to read


The beautiful Sanswan flower grows deep in the forest, and it opens once ever seven years, only under the light of a full moon. A myth exists that anyone who stands under its petals will find true love. Will this magical plant change the life of young Natasha and her war-torn country of Zideon forever?



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over 6 years ago Alison L. said:

This is great. REALLY AMAZING!!! :))) Gooddd luck with the contest!! PS: Would you mind reading a recent short story of mine? THANKS!


over 6 years ago aaron mitchell said:

lovely and heart-rending

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over 6 years ago Mary Margot said:

Creative idea and very well done! Keep up the good work!



almost 3 years ago shanal said:

Very good.It was fantastic.