Ropes to Hell High

Ropes to Hell High

4 chapters / 1932 words

Approximately 10 minutes to read


To the outside world life in Hellfield, Missouri can seem pretty boring. But it's a whole different world if you're a citizen. A world where super heroes and villains ran rampant.



over 2 years ago William Carter said:

(I just realized that my review has two spelling mistakes of its own. :O That just goes to show that everyone needs to proof-read what they write, ha-ha)



over 2 years ago William Carter said:

Here's a short review to complete my end of our swap.

I only read the first chapter. There were a lot of spelling mistakes in this, so I really wanted to leave a review for the first chapter rather than a comment for all four chapters. I hope you don't mind.

Sentences with spelling mistakes (the mistake will be italicized):

"I glance over at a few wide eye freshmen hugging their backpacks as they cling to each other." Changed to "wide-eyed."

"When you go through three years of high school you learn that nobody scares what you look like and there's no one to impress (especially here in this school)." Change to "cares."

"I mummer a 'Sorry.'" Change to "murmur."

"'Oops, uh thanks.' she says in a quiet high pitched tone as her cheeks blush crimson." Change to "high-pitched."

"Every since I was little I've always ended up being at the wrong place long enough to see something I shouldn't, when I have no intention too." There are two spelling mistakes in this sentence. Change the first one to "Ever" and change the second on to "to."

Those are all of the spelling mistakes that I found in the first chapter.

With this story, make sure that you re-read this after you have written it so that you can catch easy mistakes like spelling and basic grammar. Once you do that, then this will be much better. I think you have an interesting concept here, but it does need a little bit of polishing. :)