The Two Faces of a Murderer

The Two Faces of a Murderer

1 chapter / 245 words

Approximately 1 minute to read


~March Matchup Round 3 Winner~
Everybody has some part of themselves that they hide from those around them, secrets that they keep. They play their roles and say their lines, but sometimes they let their true colors show. And it’s how far they are will to go to keep those secrets that make them dangerous.


Looking for the doctor

about 2 years ago Naturesnest said:

That was pretty chilling... "When I blink she's gone." That was a surprise and really well executed! Great job! I really enjoyed this!

over 2 years ago CLaudette Garrick said:

First chapter was like boom! for me!

Fionna me

over 2 years ago sparklevamp - Linae said:

As soon as I figured out what you were doing with this prompt, I was like oooh I like this! Very clever! :)

Me 1963

over 2 years ago Linda D said:

Ooo! That's eerie. Such a convincing little performance, yet, the truth is reflected. Well done.

Best of luck.



4 months ago Musti Sadique said:

Pleasant read, keeps you wanting more. Almost feels like a script in Basic instincts just without the pale reflections of the character.loved it


over 2 years ago Melody Awoken said:

Your writing style is nothing short of amazing, my friend. I would recommened this first chapter to anyone interesting in these types of books. This wicked character with a pretty face is one of my favorite types of characters and I'd love to see her develop. While nothing was very clear in this chapter, you start the book off in one of the best ways possible; with something that leaves the reader wanting to read more.